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copyright 2011 Wild Wildebeest Lodge
The Wild Wildebeest Lodge Children’s Foundation, Inc.
Wild Wildebeest Lodge currently supports a local school and a Children’s Center in the Dwaalboom, South Africa area 
through the Wild Wildebeest Lodge Children’s Foundation Inc..  We donate to education, food assistance, school building
and maintenance projects, and health initiatives.  Some of the wild game harvested at Wild Wildebeest Lodge is used to
help feed these children.  

If you are interested in making a donation, you may contact our U.S. office at helbing@wwbeest.com.

2017 Fundraising Raffle Winner

1st Prize:  7-day South African Safari for 4 Hunters
Patience Stottlemyre, MO
2nd Prize:  5-day Missouri Bow Hunt for 1 Hunter
Lane Savoy, LA
3rd Prize:  Alaska Fishing Trip for 4 People
Raquel Nilson, NV
4th Prize:  Arizona Holiday Hayride for 8 People
Matt Klingner, MO
5th Prize:  3-day Missouri Turkey Hunt for 2 Hunters
Mark Joyner, CA
6th Prize:  Vortex Viper Riflescope
Raquel Nilson, NV
7th Prize:  Vortex Binocular Harness
Craig Neuheisel, WI
8th Prize:  Hunter Safety System Harness
Steve Pavelka, IN
9th Prize:  $100 Cash ~ Harley Zabel, WI
10th Prize:  $100 Cash ~ Jason Courville, LA
11th Prize:  $100  Cash ~ Tracey Kirschbaum, IA
12th Prize:  $100 Cash ~ Jason Lane, PA
13th Prize:  $100 Cash ~ Jeff Bonsack, WI
14th Prize:  $25 Walmart Card ~ Don Dobbs, WI
15th Prize:  $25 Walmart Card ~ Sarah Larson, FL
16th Prize:  $25 Red Lobster Card ~ Jeff Allan, FL
17th Prize:  $25 Applebees Card ~ Brian Lilley, PA
18th Prize:  $25 Subway Card ~ Craig & Lori Riegler, IA
19th Prize:  $25 Craker Barrel Card ~ Dave Tomasino, WI
20th Prize:  $25 Outback Gift Card ~ Justin Glassmaker, IL
21st Prize:  $25 Buffalo Wild Wings Card ~ Robby Gilbert, PA
22nd Prize:  Wild Wildebeest Lodge Hoodie ~ Eva Durham, FL
Heartfelt thanks to everyone for your support.
Registered Charity Number 27-3552216